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Head office

750 Lexington Avenue 9th floor, New York, NY 10022, USA

About Us

TROHIS is a group of entrepreneurs, architects, designers, engineers, creators, collaborators, thinkers, dreamer and doers.

Our intention and engagement is making construction more sustainable for our planet and more available for everyone.

Our Company

The center of interest of our company is well-grounded on providing quality services and meeting the necessity of each client.

Our scope is to meet these necessities throughout the utilization of the well-rounded relationship among architecture and the environment, whether it is natural or man-made throughout the originality of any design for a plain, clean-cut and finely sleek design. Our only intention is to represent our age. In substance, this is what architecture is, an reflection of an era. We entrust in frankness construction in order to solve complex multidimensional problems through a straightforward approach through architecture.


A Succes Story

Over 30 years of established experience, initially in Germany, later in England to continue in Kosovo, Croatia and USA. It all started in 1990, producing the first custom-made furniture for the German market, later expanding into the English market. We believe that great works arise from true and lasting collaborative relationships. Our projects, without exception, are innovative, sustainable and designed to engage with utmost and continual commitment.

Was Kunden über uns sagen

Langjährige, vertrauensvolle Kundenbeziehungen